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How F.U.D. destroys Dreams

Meet F.U.D. - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It destroys dreams. It stops people from pursuing what they want. I keeps people stuck in neutral - never achieving what they need, never reaching their goals. For caregivers who want to retire, F.U.D. keeps them grinding at the job hoping for relief some day.

What is this kind of fear? It might be the fear of what to do once you leave the operation. What will you do? How will you support yourself and your family? Can you afford to "retire?"

What is this kind of uncertainty? It might be that you do not know how to sell your operation. How will you find a price that meets your needs and also attracts a buyer? What if your patients or residents discovered that you are selling your operation? What will happen to your employees? What if interest rates keep rising? Will that deter potential buyers? What if food costs, housing, and labor cost keep rising?

What is this kind of doubt? It might be that no one will buy your operation. It might be that you will not get the asking price you want. It might be that you can not run your operation while taking time to sell it.

F.U.D. is a powerful deterrent that keeps you from moving forward. But, you can get unstuck by getting knowledge, proper planning, and help. Attack fear by getting a realistic broker's opinion of the Most Probable Selling Price for your operation in today's market. These opinions are typically free but do take time and work for business brokers to develop. Clear uncertainty but getting knowledge about how operations are sold. What is the process? What role do you play? How long does it take? Erase doubt by working with a team of professionals that knows the market, has a strong network, and works diligently on your behalf.

F.U.D. does not have to control you. Get help. Talk with family and friends. Get knowledgeable. Then you can get the F.U.D. out of here.

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